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Sorry about all the annoying mail ... this is the last one.

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Guy Hulbert wrote:

GH> On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Guy Hulbert wrote:
GH> 	<snip>
GH> GH> Please don't take this personally, but dselect is HORRIBLE.  I showed
GH> 	<snip>


GH> This is *really* annoying behaviour.  Of course I could manually reselect
GH> all the packages that were deselected  ... why don't I just go out and by
GH> windows ???
GH> I know this is a feature (and I've probably made use of it myself in the past)
GH> is there any way to restore the database globally without actually deleting or
GH> reinstalling things ???  I'll play at restoring manually but if this is too
GH> much of a pain, I'll have to restart from scratch.


OK.  I tried manually select ONLY the packages that were accidentally deleted
but of course I accidentally selected 3 new ones.  Hard to tell which ones
so I'm going to start again.

However, during the process I hit another annoyance.  It seems that 'dselect'
is required to print the status of *every* package to the screen on "Install".
I have always found this to be a *real* pain (the i/o time to the screen
probably dominates on small changes).  Much better default behaviour would
be only to display messages on packages whose status is changed by the present

Hope that these complaints are:
     (i)  sent to the right place
     (ii) constructive input
still waiting to hear from someone about whether APT vs DSELECT documentation
is wanted ...

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