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Re: CSS style for the documentation pages?

2014-04-28 10:07 GMT+02:00 Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org>:
> Are you using stable or unstable package?

I used stable version (1.2.31) for the first demo.
I cloned the git repository and everything works well (no error when I
execute `make xml` or `make`). :-)

I will work on the repository for the next modifications I will do.

>> We could have an easy first step by just updating the current files:
>>  - maint-guide.css update by merging style from current
>> maint-guide.css, publican and the main website css.
>>  - the pictures (up, back, warning, etc.) by copying the publican ones
>> in /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/images. It requires to
>> change the format (png to gif) or to change the generated files.
> Yes.

Ok, it will be my next work.

>> What do you think about this two-step strategy?
> There are for HTML.  What do you think about PDF woth FOP issue.
> Step 1:
>  Update HTML build to make it look nicer
> Step 2:
>  Check usability of publican with FOP.
> Step 3:
>  Format PDF (with new publican or old LaTex)

I agree we need to check if FOP issue is still there or not before
choosing the way of using publican.
If it still exists, the full publican solution should be forgotten.
Else (issue fixed), we can choose between full publican publishing or
just use the publican-debian style in the current process

Thanks Osamu.
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