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Re: CSS style for the documentation pages?

For info, I subscribed to the debian-www mailing list yesterday, so
there is no need to remember to keep me in the thread.

2014-04-26 7:37 GMT+02:00 Osamu Aoki <osamu_aoki_home@nifty.com>:
> "installation-guide" is rather a big package.  Initially, other packages may be
> easier to work on.[...]
> I think maint-guide is a good starting point since it is rather a simple
> package.

Thanks for your explanations! :-)
I installed all the packages in "maint-guide" control files.
(Strangely ?), german target works only after installing
texlive-lang-german which is commented in control file. zh-cn and
zh-tw targets don't compile. I guess the computer lacks some packages
but I focused about changing style than fixing the languages.

I get a draft of what it is planned to looks like.
It's temporary downloadable at
I can extract it and load files like index.en.html or index.ca.html in
your browser.

Please just consider it only like several ugly hacks[1] based on
copy-pastes in order to get a quick demo.

>> > Quoting Simon Paillard <spaillard@debian.org>:
>> > >The other way I've tried some months ago was using publican for release
>> > >notes,
>> > >for which buxy provided a nice Debian css (publican-debian).

Is publican-debian currently used in a project (whatever it is)?
It could be useful to read the configuration files and the way it
works for this project.

> (If anyone wish to test build XML from maint-guide, run "make xml" first
> to get all translated XML files first.)

I probably missed something obvious but "make xml" didn't work because
there is not "xml" target in the Makefile.
However I can generate translated ca, fr, ... files.

By the way, German is written twice in LANGS_PO in Makefile. It does
not really matters, but one 'de' is removable:
-LANGS_PO    := ca de es fr it ja ru de zh-cn zh-tw
+LANGS_PO    := ca de es fr it ja ru zh-cn zh-tw

> Once we are successful doing this non-publican path, updating others are
> rather trivial using the same path.  It cause minimal change and no
> large dependency.  If no one comes up with solid path, I will eventually
> do this when I feel like it.  But not now.

We could have an easy first step by just updating the current files:
 - maint-guide.css update by merging style from current
maint-guide.css, publican and the main website css.
 - the pictures (up, back, warning, etc.) by copying the publican ones
in /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/images. It requires to
change the format (png to gif) or to change the generated files.

In a second step, the documentation would be improved by using
publican directly or using publican-debian inside the current

What do you think about this two-step strategy?


1: List of hacks:
 - pictures from publican are pasted directly in the main directory
 - html file not in an html/ directory
 - hardcoded value of $publican.version
 - hardcoded value of $clean_title
 - hardcoded value of $tablecolumns.extension in order to disable
adjustColumnWidths function
 - some languages are disabled

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