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Re: Doc translations in general

On Sat, May 03, 2008 at 07:29:29PM +0930, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> But we don't coordinate that anywhere (AFAIK).

True, there is no coordination. This is because most document authors
coordinate the translations themselves (i.e. they get the request of
tranlsators and add the translations to CVS/SVN)

> How about a wiki page summarizing doc-translation procedures, and  
> containing, or linking to, specific instructions on how to translate  
> each doc? We could branch it from the main i18n page [2].

That would be nice, some information (although somewhat dated) is available
at the paper I wrote for Debconf6: http://people.debian.org/~jfs/debconf6/html/x402.html

> The D-I manual [3] already has translation status pages and other info  
> which might be useful to other doc owners.

Notice that translation status pages are difficult to write for most
documents since they don't use PO at all. So keeping track of translations'
"freshness" is not possible

> I would be happy to write a wiki page with general instructions, if I  
> knew what they were.
> Do we have any coordinated approach to doc translation?

Hmmm, the way it is done for some documents is:

- a translator approaches the document author/editor and says he wants
  to translate to a given language a document
  * if there is any ongoning translation for the same language they get
    redirected to the person/team doing the work
  * if nobody is working on the translation the author asks them to
    provide the first translation 
  [ Notice that if the translator is not member of the language team
    for his language in Debian he should be directed there ]
- the translator provides a first version of the translated document
- DDP author adds the translation and enables it in the build system
  (i.e. in the Makefiles)
- DDP author updates the information of available translations in the
  web pages at www.debian.org/doc/ (there it points to available
  translations of documents)

From there on either the translator sends new versions to the DDP author or
he asks for (and is given) commit access to publish directly in the DDP's
> Docs available in PO or XLIFF format will get priority, because they're 
> more efficient for translators. [4]

Well, actually, it would be nice if i18n people helped convert into PO
documents that are most useful for Debian *users*. Just like we priorise
debconf translations by their popularity we should sort out documents the
same way.

Hope that helps,


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