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Resigning as editor for Release Notes

Hi all,

For Sarge and (to a somewhat lesser extend) for Etch I have been one of the 
main editors of the Release Notes. I'm sorry to have to announce that I 
will not be working on the Release Notes for Lenny.

I may still provide an update for the D-I chapter and will possibly work on 
the Dutch translation, but I will not be doing the more general work as I 
have done for Sarge and Etch, which included (together with others of 
- removing sections specific to the previous release
- updating general sections
- determining a working upgrade procedure and documenting it
- following upgrade reports
- gathering and documenting upgrade issues and issues related to individual
- coordinating translation updates

One of the reasons for this is that I have been very frustrated with the 
attitude of the Release Team towards the Release Notes.

I have not followed d-doc at all since medio last year, so I have no idea if 
any work on the Release Notes has been done yet, but given the release 
schedule at least initial preparations should not be delayed much longer.

Good luck to those who will work on this edition of the Release Notes.


P.S. Please CC me on replies as I'm not subscribed.

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