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Re: New Debian Reference

On Mon, May 05, 2008 at 09:07:02AM +1000, Vincent.McIntyre@csiro.au wrote:
> Hi Osamu
>> Some good pointer list of tutorial contents will be nice.  I solicit
>> such thing for:
>> * Perl
>> * Python
>> * C
>> * C++
>> * Tcl/Tk
>> I also welcome comments from others.
> Do you envision this as a few links to tutorials in each subsection or
> one "tutorials" subsection on its own? The former seems better to me.
> Perhaps you could do one as an example, so we can repeat that in the
> other subsections.

Basically I am thinking links.  

> The perl section should probably mention dh-make-perl as a nice way to
> package perl modules that aren't already available in Debian.

Description of this is not really for Debian Reference.

That may be scope of topics for maint-guide or developer reference.

> Similarly, for python, I would welcome an overview of how debian packages
> python modules and what the canonical way to install python eggs is.
> Python packaging has changed substantially for the better both in the
> python community and within Debian in recent years.

Same as above.

> Is ruby used enough in Debian to justify being included in this chapter?

I will add ruby to:

It is as popular as Tcl/Tk.


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