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Re: New Debian Reference

Hi Osamu

Some good pointer list of tutorial contents will be nice.  I solicit
such thing for:
* Perl
* Python
* C
* C++
* Tcl/Tk

I also welcome comments from others.

Do you envision this as a few links to tutorials in each subsection or
one "tutorials" subsection on its own? The former seems better to me.
Perhaps you could do one as an example, so we can repeat that in the
other subsections.

The perl section should probably mention dh-make-perl as a nice way to
package perl modules that aren't already available in Debian.

Similarly, for python, I would welcome an overview of how debian packages
python modules and what the canonical way to install python eggs is.
Python packaging has changed substantially for the better both in the
python community and within Debian in recent years.

Is ruby used enough in Debian to justify being included in this chapter?


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