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debiandoc-sgml update

severity 256076 minor
severity 188117 wishlist
severity 213332 wishlist
severity 286537 wishlist
severity 218529 wishlist
tags 202317 -patch
tags 202317 help
tags 283260 help
tags 286240 help
severity 291481 minor

Hi, I am BTS cleaning mode :-)

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 11:45:47PM +0100, Jens Seidel wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 10:44:31PM +0100, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > Also last minutes check whether we can enable Korean PDF/PS?  (Jens?
> > Any good idea?)
> Korean works nice (but not perfect since English strings such as
> "Chapter" are still used) using fixlatex from DDP.

I see.  This reminded me to check several bugs for debiandoc-sgml.

Considering this package to be last stage before deprecated, I think we
should not ask too much to the maintainer but some simple fix to support
existing documentation and their translation will be needed.

I would say, unless someone decides to volunteer for significant time,
let's keep most of these wishlist items (except L10N) as almost "wontfix".


Above changes for severity are the result of my review.

* 256076 index error
Although changelog state "partially" (thus not closed automatically), the
new 1.1.84 version seems to fix all important issues. I will change
this to minor since funny horizontal line issue can be avoided by
providing <p> ... </p> tags.  So moves to minor.

* 286537 Paper size
This needs to be fixed if report is true.  So stays normal.

* L10N support data
GREEK 283260, ARABIC 286240 support info: request to ML with
Slovenian 291481 is good.  We need to prepare a patch (Expand
documentation for how to add new locales)

I call them L10N bugs.  These should be minor considering there has been
practical needs to support them.  Of course we need help so tags them as
HELP when ever there is no information provided.  I will ping original
bug report separately to let them know the way to add language support.

Thread of discussion and BTS report followings are good reference:

Jens's patch to German belongs to this category too.

* 202315 CJK PDF/PS
Together with wishlist 229849, 244625 bugs with seemingly good fix
proposals, this bug needs to be fixed.  Ask Jens to look into this with
current Korean fix issues. (See below) I consider them as normal bugs.

* 214249 Style (TeX)
If this is a good patch, I can agree to keep it in minor.

* 188117, 213332, Style w/o patch
These are nonessential cosmetic requests without specific patch
attached.  So moving them to "wishlist".

* 285885 Type setting TeX
Although annoying as reported, changing TEX's behavior is nontrivial.
Since 238003 is wishlist, this should be equal severity.  Modern UTF-8
desktop complicates situation more too.

* 218529 Error output style
Silly is worth only for wishlist.  Maybe worth sending ping.

* 202317 touch up script
This capability will greatly helps unifying support of many
documentation.  Current patch is non-functional thus removed but this is
worth attacking, I think.  Please think about it when you look script.

> Please note that there is currently already another Korean document in
> DDP:
> http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/apt-howto.ko.pdf 
> The file above looks ugly, don't know why. I was able to create this
> document on my Woody and Sarge system. Maybe the required packages
> hlatex and hlatex-fonts-base where installed on www-master after
> the build occurred and one needs just to touch the apt-howto.ko.sgml file
> to force a new rebuild?

This seems to have encoding problem.

> The current patch can be found as attachment.
> I will improve and finish it this week.

Please.  Can you check all TeX style related patch and propose good

 244625 (patch exist)

These seems to be ones possible needs to be fixed together with Korean



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