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Re: debiandoc to docbook conversion situation full review (1st try)

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 11:07:06AM +0100, Philippe Batailler wrote:
>  Adam DiCarlo <aph@debian.org> écrivait :
>   « Can you regenerate the table and send it along?

I made a html page. I will post it to


It is group writable by any DD.

> I have made a new stylesheet with the following changes:

Great.  I included your change into table with markings (pb)
> strong -> <emphasis role="bold">

This is <emphasis role="strong"> according to Adam (aph)

> ftpsite -> <systemitem class="systemname" role="ftpsite">
> ftppath -> <filename>
>            For exemple, policy.sgml reads:
> 	   The current version of this document is always accessible
>            from the Debian FTP server <ftpsite>ftp.debian.org</ftpsite>
>            as
>            <ftppath>/debian/doc/package-developer/policy.txt.gz</ftppath>...
> 	   Best practice : the two elements in one <ulink> element?
> httpsite -> <systemitem class="systemname" role="httpsite">
> httppath -> <filename>

I think these have to be converted to <url> in the debiandoc first and
use ulink to be consistent.

> comment/p -> <phrase>
> 	  I put this element because element <remark> in xml does not
> 	  contain <para>
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