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Re: Volunteer Raising Ugly Head... ;-)

At 13:16 10/10/01 -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
For my .02, I'd think some work on an authoritative rank-beginner document
would be excellent. For the new-to-Unix Debian user. I know that's a tall
order; I think maybe the User manual in the DDP (which is mostly TBD) was
probably intended to almost do that.


Another idea that's come up before is an FAQ for debian-user.

This is the only suggestion I received, but jumping in head-first always hurts, so may I ask if there are others who think this is a good idea?

My own experience is that the sparc-list gets the very same questions over-and-over-and-over again, all well answered in the FAQ which it appears doesn't get read by the "rank-beginner".

If I put a spin on the suggestion from Chris:

What is the response to a one-page document called:
"So you want to do Debian, but don't have time to read everything."
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