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Fwd: Re: Volunteer

In spite of the apparent lack of interest in the User Reference Manual I have
produced a brief outline of what the Networking Chapter could look like. If
the User Reference Manual is less dead than it appears, I would be willing to
expand on the outline below.

Neil Youngman

15.1 What this chapter covers

Emphasises the client side.
Some comments on server side, where needed to clarify concepts.

15.2 Networking Basics

Establishing a connection.
Dial up vs fixed links.
IP addresses and ports.
wvdial, kppp,
Are there any GNOME dial up tools?

15.3 Securing your system

Keep things up to date with apt-get
Don't run any services you don't need
Finding open ports with netstat

15.4 Email

Gnome mail clients?

15.5 WWW

Gnome web clients?

15.6 FTP

15.7 IRC

Someone else should write this.

On Friday 12 October 2001  3:53 pm, Neil Youngman wrote:
> Following the recent request for volunteers on DWN, I thought I might try
> to help out. A quick look at the manuals show that there is a lot to be
> done in the user reference manual, but the listed maintainer says that he
> has not been involved with the project for a couple of years.
> Is this manual still being maintained or should I look for another document
> that I might be able to help with?
> Neil Youngman

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