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Re: Early draft of release notes

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 12:59:56AM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Rob Bradford wrote:
> > Any ideas for structure/content would be much appreciated.
> Looks like you're doing fine on structure.
> What's new in the installation system:
> - debootstrap downloads and installs the base system from scratch now;
>   most installs won't need to fool with the base tarball, or with a ton
>   of floppies.
> - The task system has been revamped. The selection of tasks gone over
>   and tightened up. It is now much easier to install only part of a
>   task, rather than the whole thing.
> - Debconf is now the main interface users interact with during
>   installation and configuration of packages (potato's release notes
>   promised this would be so, and while there are still some holdouts,
>   nearly all interaction is done via debconf now).
> - I suspect that the overall installed size of the base system (and thus
>   one of Debian's minimum system requirements) may have gone *down* from
>   potato, due to various space-reduction changes (especially the locales
>   change). If so, it'd be really cool to mention that. TODO: compare
>   unpacked size of potato's base.tgz with the chroot debootstrap builds.
> What's new in the distribution:
> - apt now has support for "pinning", which can be used to track stable,
>   while easily pulling selected updated packages from unstable or
>   testing.
> - Build dependancies have been added to a great deal of the


>   distribution. These aid in compiling packages from source, letting you
>   make sure everything necessary is installed before starting the compile.
>   "apt-get build-dep" can be used to automatically install the necessary
>   packages.
> - A fancy Gnome frontend has been added to debconf, and a flexible
>   backend database as well.
> - Numerous frontends for apt have been in development throughout woody's
>   development cycle, and many of them are nearing a quite usable state.
> - A major new release of X, version 4.0, is included, with more support
>   for more hardware, better hardware autodetection, etc.
> - This is the first version of Debian to include a full-featured, free,
>   web browser (mozilla). (I think this is really significant, since this
>   may be the first release where most of our users don't go install
>   netscape from non-free to get a decent browser.)
> - (The normal bragging about new versions of stuff, added packages and
>   cd's and so on.)
> Oh, one structural note: It might be nice if some of these items were
> hyperlinks to somewhere that provided more information. So you could
> click on "pinning" to see the (hypothetical) apt pinning HOWTO or
> whatever.
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> see shy jo
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