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Re: translation support

On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 02:49:20AM +0200, Michael Bramer wrote:
> the 'Debian Descriptions Translation Project' (ddtp) is on 
> http://auric.debian.org/~grisu/ddtp/! On the ../debian_translation/
> site, I _coordinate_ the translators of *debconf templates*. (If I get
> reports from the translators...)

	Ok. So you are still misguiding people, debconf templates are *in no
case* "debian translation". The debian translation effort currently is
included in the debian internacionalization effort  which is divided in:

	- translating the information on web server
	- translating DDP documentation
	- provide localized packages for documentation (manpages-XX)
	- provide localized software packages (example: all the "*-ja" ones)
	- provide packages for easy system internationalization (user-es,
user-de, user-ja and task's related to languages)
	- the debian package translation (ddts)
	- the debconf translations (the one you called debian_translation)
	- translation of the menu interface (which includes, therefore, dwww
and doc-central interfaces)
	- translation of the installation disks (and documentation since
it's not in the DDP currently)

	So, you can see, "debian_translation" is a misguided name for just
debconf's translation of packages.



PD: Also note that, IMHO, all coordination efforts should be pointed from
the page cited above (w.d.o/intln/) since this is the first place people
will look for internationalization issues. 

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