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Re: translation support

> but some other things:
>  - translate some debconf templates (see
>    http://auric.debian.org/~grisu/debian_translation/)
> Gruss
> Grisu

Last time I tried to translate something, I ended up working on
something somebody already had taken as a job, because the URL above
was totally out of sync with reality, it was _so_ outdated.
I'm way too busy to have time to spend like that...
What had been suggested (on the d-u-p list) is that we check for bug
reports, to see if anyone had taken the translation upm, but this is
kind of odd, isn't it.
I feel either the above URL is the reference center for translations,
or it's not. I don't blame the maintaner. I just feel that maybe we
need something that doesn't make him go crazy with all the updates
he's got to keep up with.
I suggest that a formal mechanism of submitting and checking which
translations are being done has to be set up.
Submitting your choices do the L10N lists is kind of messy, and makes
you loose some time. I feel translations at my L10N are a bit "out of
control" in the sense that nobody knows who's translating what.
I've suggeste using wiki pages, at least to go there and say "hey, I
got this template here, I'll do it", but since there's already a web
page that's supposed to be monitoring this, it would just be
"forking-out to use anothe resource like a wiki web.


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