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Re: Reducing redundancy

On Mon, Dec 18, 2000 at 12:50:39PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > > I don't know about you guys, but I'm fairly sure it wouldn't take
> > > me more than a couple of days to merge in 100KB of content within
> > > a text twice as large. But someone's got to write those 100KB of
> > > text, and that's what I wouldn't be able to do in the same time,
> > > not a chance.
> I can't see, Josip, how you can plausibly claim that the labor is
> actually less if you write a document in isolation, and then merge it
> into another document.  Have you ever tried doing that?  I have --
> numerous times.  For instance, merging architecture-specific
> documentaiton into the main install manual, or even in looking to
> merge the installation manual into the Installation HOWTO.  The fact
> is that it's twice as much work -- it's like writing the documentation
> twice.

Well, I can't explain it any better than I have :) I'm just saying how I
feel after doing that stuff, with release-notes, maint-guide, translations
of installation manual and of the DNS HOWTO... YMMV.

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