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Reducing redundancy

As an example of the existing redundancy in the installation
documentation, from the documentation page I could potentially arrive at
three different installation guides:


While I am sure they are all fairly up-to date and well written you are
all probbly well aware of the problems with this:
- A waste of resources which could otherwise be pooled into generating
one superior document
- Increased likelihood of inconsistencies
- Confusion for users trying to determine an authoratative reference
- More material to sort through

Another issue is in the development of Debian specific sysadmin and
network manuals. It is a little disconcerting the way so much redundant
Linux documentation is being developed in parallel. Which reference
should a Debian user turn to: the Debian Network Admin guide, the Linux
Network HOWTO, the Linux Network Admin Guide or the myriad of other
contributed guides?

It would seem to make sense to me that Debian joined forces with the
developers of the Linux NAG and SAG and helped improve those and added
clauses where Debian specific issues arose.

Once again, let me know how I can contribute.



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