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Re: what needs doing?

On Tue, May 16, 2000 at 02:19:24PM +1000, skud@netizen.com.au wrote:
> I would very much like to volunteer some time and effort towards the
> Debian documenation project.
> So, my first question is: what needs doing?  What tasks have been
> identified as the most necessary?

The most necessary is to document Hurd libraries for Debian GNU/Hurd,
but I am very biased at this point, and this is probably not what you
wanted to hear ;-).

> Secondly: what background research do I need to do to get started?  What
> markup language are you using? (I'm most familiar with Docbook)
> Anything else I should know?
> Just to introduce myself somewhat: I've been a Debian user for a few
> years, but haven't been involved in Debian development before.  I've got
> a pile of writing and documentation behind me, including a series of
> training materials for Perl programming and introductory Unix.  

I you could, please pack them, current perl tutors have completely
broken licence imho.

> I'm currently working as the pointy-haired-boss for Netizen but have 
> recently resigned due to stress and poor health and all the other things 
> that come along with doing too much paper-pushing and not enough work on 
> the open source projects I'd much rather be working on.  I'll be
> spending at least the next three months relaxing and putting some time
> into whatever projects can use my help.  That's why I'm sending this
> email.

Join Debian GNU/Hurd

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