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Re: what needs doing?

>>>>> "skud" == skud  <skud@netizen.com.au> writes:

    skud> I would very much like to volunteer some time and effort towards the
    skud> Debian documenation project.

 Hey, Great!  Welcome.

    skud> I'm currently working as the pointy-haired-boss for Netizen but have 
    skud> recently resigned due to stress and poor health and all the other things 
    skud> that come along with doing too much paper-pushing and not enough work on 
    skud> the open source projects I'd much rather be working on.  I'll be
    skud> spending at least the next three months relaxing and putting some time
    skud> into whatever projects can use my help.  That's why I'm sending this
    skud> email.

 Take some time off for cycling or something if you can too.  Your
 health is your wealth!  No deadlines, man.  Let's take the time to do
 it right, and have some free time for life also.

Those who do not study Lisp are doomed to reimplement it - Poorly.
A few months in the laboratory often saves several hours at the library.

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