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Re: Documentation registration for developers

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	I think there should be a more formal method of informing
>  developers than mass bug reports, then. I think (and I know joey
>  would disagree), that the project needs to take an unified stance on
>  registering documentation, and spell it out to developers. In my
>  view, the policy mechanism is suited for this.

Er no, of course I don't disagree with that. I can only assume you didn't
understand my long posting on this subject.

All the policy we need is "Packages must use doc-base to register their
documentation. Packages must use unique document ID's. Just as package
names, the document id may only consist lower case letters (a-z), digits
(0-9), plus (+) or minus (-) signs, and dots (.). See the doc-base manual
for further information."

All I'm saying is we do _not_ need to #include the 300 line doc-base manual
into policy. The above short statement is everything I can see from that
manual that needs to be policy to ensure consitency.

see shy jo

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