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dwww: how to include /usr/local/doc


I think dwww / dhelp is a very good thing. Accessing documentation via
the WWW browser running on the local desktop machine is quite

I have compiled some programs myself, such as a testing release of
exim. These programs went into /usr/local, so I have a /usr/local/doc
with quite some documentation that I'd like to include into dwww /
dhelp's database.

From the sparse documentation that is available, I thought that I'd
only include /usr/local/doc into DWWW_DOCPATH in /etc/dwww/dwww.conf
and be alright. However, this doesn't seem to work; the documents are
not incorporated into dwww. Even symlinking /usr/local/doc/exim to
/usr/doc/exim doesn't work. Does dwww rely on programs being installed
via dpkg before they are seen by dwww?

What am I doing wrong? Any hints will be appreciated.


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