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Documentation registration for developers


	I have just recieved wishlist bugs against _some_ of my
 packages to support ``doc-base'' and dhelp. All my packages already
 register stuff with the menu package (and, indirectly, dwww), and I
 thought there was going to be a common documentation registration
 front end. 

	Has there been an consensus on registring package
 documentation? If so, should we not move to make it a formal policy
 rather than haphazard implementation through partial mass bug

	How many front ends am I supposed to register package
 documentation with? Is there supposed to be a common front end at

	I would not just register some of my  packages with dhelp; if
 I did so at all, I would do all of them. I would rather not make that
 effor if there is going to be a common, different document
 registration facility in the (near) future. 

	If there is indeed a consensus on how we register
 documentation, I would appreciate a pointer, and, hopefully, a
 proposal on the policy lists.

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