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Re: Documentation registration for developers

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	I have just recieved wishlist bugs against _some_ of my
>  packages to support ``doc-base'' and dhelp. All my packages already
>  register stuff with the menu package (and, indirectly, dwww), and I
>  thought there was going to be a common documentation registration
>  front end. 

That's the goal of doc-base. It generates dhelp and menu files for

> 	Has there been an consensus on registring package
>  documentation? If so, should we not move to make it a formal policy
>  rather than haphazard implementation through partial mass bug
>  reports? 

I'm not sure we have a consensus yet. I just gave up on waiting on a
consensus and started using doc-base sice it supports all the other systems.

see shy jo

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