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Re: Review of metadata 0.8.0

Adam P. Harris writes:
 > > * Allowing to set the LANG qualifier for the Description element would
 > > allow a non-native speaker of the document Language to decide whether
 > > it is worth trying to decipher it.  As an example, myself fluently
 > > speaking french and english, but with only a rough understanding of
 > > german and some other languages, may, when confronted to some exotic
 > > doc that was not translated in any of my easy-understood languages,
 > > want to easily know if it is worth that I try to read this exotic doc.
 > I completely agree, although I wonder how many document maintainers
 > will actually take advantage of this.  I guess I should turn it back
 > on; it doesn't really represent, in itself, too much complexity.  I
 > might hold off for a round or so.

The most obvious usage I'd see would be for maintainers of a doc not
available in english, to give an english description too.  Don't know
how much we have of such docs though.  Maybe this count will grow when
an opencontents licence gets used.

 > It certainly is off the track of the intent of qualifiers.  A cleaner
 > way to do this would be a defined set of qualifiers, i.e.,
 >   Contributor: John Doe <john@doe.org> (ROLE=translator)
 > or some such.... What it's translated *from* is already apparent from
 > the Relation.IsBasedOn element.


 > > Some issues that I would like to be addressed, that I did not see in
 > > 0.8.0:
 > > 
 > > * A way of telling a translation may not be fully up-to-date.  Maybe
 > > that could be handled by the ignored Coverage element ?
 > I think adding a qualifier to the Relation.* tags would be must better
 > way to do this. I've added a wishlist for this.

Yes, something like a VERSION qualifier may be enough, whatever the
value may be (actual version string, date, ...)

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