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Re: Debian web pages - what needs to be done

treacy@debian.org wrote:
  >Here is a list of things that are on the TODO list for the web pages.
  >   Most of the docs in the Debian Documentation Project (DDP) are on an
  >   ex-developers machine. These need to be moved to www.debian.org and
  >   put under CVS. This is really the domain of the doc group, but as these
  >   documents are also available under the web, I've added it here.
The documents that `belong' to the DDP are at www.debian.org/~elphick/ddp.
Other documents referenced from the DDP pages are to do with policy and
should be taken over (from Christian Schwarz) by whomever becomes policy

I don't feel that those documents belong under the control of the DDP,
but please tell me if I have missed anything.

Oliver Elphick
DDP co-ordinator
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