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Re^4: Review of metadata 0.8.0

Am 09.08.98 schrieb apharris # burrito.onshore.com ...

Moin Adam!

APH> Wait a minnit!  If I'm not writing the doc-base specification, what
APH> the hell am I doing?

It#s a proposal.

APH> You need to be able to support URL's


APH> and to support /usr/local/doc,
APH> /opt/doc, in short, any possible path into which a docreg file may be
APH> placed.

Wait a minute. Should a support docreg files or documentation files in  

The second is not possible! This will not work. All httpds support only  
doc files in /usr/doc.

At the moment we#re talking about a solution for debian documentation. And  
that#s why only support for /usr/doc or /usr/share/doc is required.

I#ll add support for several subdir later, but each subdir will have its  
own index and database! This is required by the WWW daemons.

APH> Remember, install-docs is callable by the sysadmin as well as
APH> from maintainer scripts.

Please read the webstandard. And symlinks will *not* work!!!

APH> > Remember this is just an alpha version of dhelp! That#s why I have
APH> > released it as experimental.
APH> I'm not at all against you writing experimental implementations
APH> against a spec. Just as long as you are aware that the spec can
APH> change,

No problem. I#ll support *our* format, if it#s ready. This dhelp version  
should show, how my proposal works in reality. Please give it a try.

I#ll add .docreg files in some of my packages. So you could test dhelp.

cu, Marco

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