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Re: Review of metadata 0.8.0

Am 03.08.98 schrieb ydirson # mygale.org ...

Moin Yann!

YD> * Allowing to set the LANG qualifier for the Description element would
YD> allow a non-native speaker of the document Language to decide whether
YD> it is worth trying to decipher it.

Well, if you don#t understand the language, the document is useless for  
you, right?

YD> As an example, myself fluently
YD> speaking french and english, but with only a rough understanding of
YD> german and some other languages, may, when confronted to some exotic
YD> doc that was not translated in any of my easy-understood languages,
YD> want to easily know if it is worth that I try to read this exotic doc.

Have you ever seen a English book with a German cover text :)? And it#s  
possible to add for example a description for an URL in several languages  
with the Relation.IsTransOf tag. That#s why I#ve proposed that we need  
unique identifiers.

YD> * The Contributor element could further use RFC 822, by allowing the
YD> parenthezied syntax to precise the nature of the contribution.  Eg:
YD> "John Doe <john@doe.org> (translation from jp)".  Maybe a SCHEME
YD> for this sub-element could be specified, for now restricted to
YD> "translation[ from <LANG>]"

I don#t like that idea :). Why should you use LANG? This information is  
already stored in the document#s Language: tag.

YD> * Sect. 4.2.1 says "Whatever the file name, the names must be globally
YD> unique across all packages. Prefixing them with the package name helps
YD> ensure against collisions.".  Does this only refers to files in
YD> /usr/share/doc-base/docreg/ ?

We#ve to talk about /usr/share/doc-base. I#ve proposed to store the docreg  
files in /usr/doc/<package> and to use relative file names. This solves  
this problems.

YD> * It's nice to give the maintainers the liberty of placing docreg
YD> files where they want to, but this may be somewhat confusing to some
YD> users.  IMHO it would be good to finally select a "standard place" for
YD> docreg files, when one will be accepted by most maintainers ...

dhelp will use /usr/doc/<package>, because the other solution has got to  
many limits and problems. (Please read the old postings.)

YD> * A way of telling a translation may not be fully up-to-date.  Maybe
YD> that could be handled by the ignored Coverage element ?

You could get this information from the Date: tag?

cu, Marco

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