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Review of metadata 0.8.0


Here are my feelings about 0.8.0.  As I did not follow previous
discussions about this, some remarks may not be accurate, or some
points may have already been discussed - you'll decide.

* Allowing to set the LANG qualifier for the Description element would
allow a non-native speaker of the document Language to decide whether
it is worth trying to decipher it.  As an example, myself fluently
speaking french and english, but with only a rough understanding of
german and some other languages, may, when confronted to some exotic
doc that was not translated in any of my easy-understood languages,
want to easily know if it is worth that I try to read this exotic doc.

* The Contributor element could further use RFC 822, by allowing the
parenthezied syntax to precise the nature of the contribution.  Eg:
"John Doe <john@doe.org> (translation from jp)".  Maybe a SCHEME
for this sub-element could be specified, for now restricted to
"translation[ from <LANG>]"

* Relation.IsVersionOf is mentioned in sect. 4.2, but not in the list
of elements.

* Sect. 4.2.1 says "Whatever the file name, the names must be globally
unique across all packages. Prefixing them with the package name helps
ensure against collisions.".  Does this only refers to files in
/usr/share/doc-base/docreg/ ?

* It's nice to give the maintainers the liberty of placing docreg
files where they want to, but this may be somewhat confusing to some
users.  IMHO it would be good to finally select a "standard place" for
docreg files, when one will be accepted by most maintainers ...

Some issues that I would like to be addressed, that I did not see in

* A way of telling a translation may not be fully up-to-date.  Maybe
that could be handled by the ignored Coverage element ?

Some typos:

[I remember I noticed 2 other onces, before i started listing anything
for comment, but could not find them again :( ]

* http://va.debian.org/~aph/debian-metadata.html/ch-docreg-format.html

parag. 2: "document-provide" should be "document-providing" ?

sect. 4.1, parag. 1: "complaint" should be "compliant" ?

Sect. 4.3, parag. 3: "Elements are composed of elements" should be
"Entities are ..." ?

* .../ch-implementors.html

sect. 6.2.1:	- misses `/' in `specials', between "]" and "=" ?
		- misses space after `=' after `atom' ?

sect. 6.3, parag. 3: "following states" should be "following state
changes" ?

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