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Re: Debian Metadata Proposal -- draft rev.1.4

Am 01.07.98 schrieb apharris # burrito.onshore.com ...

Moin Adam!

I#ve thought about your suggestion to use Dublin Core. Maybe we should do  

APH> 3.1.1. The LANG Qualifier
APH> --------------------------
APH>      The `LANG' qualifier indicates the language of the content of the
APH>      element itself. For instances, if a `Description' element has a LANG
APH>      qualifier value of <de>, the description itself is in German.

As this qualifier is optional we shouldn#t use it, because we don#t need  

APH>         * *Required elements*
APH>              * Identifier

Ok, but we should use relative paths to the position of .docreg.

APH>              * Title
APH>              * Subject
APH>              * Format


APH>         * *Optional elements*
APH>              * Description
APH>              * Language
APH>              * Creator


APH>              * Contributor
APH>              * Publisher

Well, I think, we shouldn#t support this tags. Instead we should only use  

APH>              * Date


APH>              * Source

Do we need that? We#ve already <foo>copyright and README.debian.

APH>              * Relation.IsFormatOf

I don#t need that. Will doc-base use that?

APH>              * Relation.IsBasedOn

Ok, but it#s important for dhelp that this is used for translation links  

APH>              * Type

We should remove that. We#ve stored this information already in Subject.

APH>              * Rights

We don#t need that -> <foo>/copyright.

APH>      Field size limits are imposed on fields in order to facilitate a
APH>      straight-forward database driven interface and hopefully help
APH>      security. These size limits are checked at install time

I would suggest some changes.

APH>           Identifier		80

Maybe to small? A lot of URLs may be longer.

APH>           Title			80

Too big. The title should fit in one line of a WWW browser or a screen. I  
would suggest <= 60.

APH>           Subject			80	(multiple elements combined)

Markus, how long are the longest entries of DDH? We should support at  
least tree entries in this line.

APH>           Format			40


APH>           Description		1024

I#m using that at the moment in dhelp. I would say that this is to much.  
This could fill one page or screen. 512 are enough.

APH>           Language		2


APH>           Creator			200	(multiple elements combined)
APH>           Contributor		200	(multiple elements combined)
APH>           Publisher		200	(multiple elements combined)

<= 100 should be enough.

APH>           Date			80

? 18-28-1998, I cound 10 characters.

APH>           Relation.IsFormatOf	80

see identifier

cu, Marco

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