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Re: Debian Documentation Hierarchy

Am 19.04.98 schrieb Marcus.Brinkmann # ruhr-uni-bochum.de ...

Moin Marcus!

MB> How will this structure be included in doc-base? If at all

It should be included as docreg file to doc-base.

MB> possible, I would like to package it seperated from doc-base, by standard
MB> registration files, so that I can update it frequently.

I think that this is not a good idea, if doc-base becomes a standard  
package. I think it would be better to split the docreg file used by the  
programs (included in doc-base) and the documentation for the developers.  
The second should be a seperate package.

MB> * Integrate "standards" (like rfc, w3c, etc) in the hierarchy.

We need HOWTO, FAQ and RFC. But we don#t need w3c. This is only used by  
one package and so the package will create the needed directory itself. If  
we don#t do it this way, you have to change the standard with every new  
package that includes several documents.

MB> * Integrate books and LDP works.

I think something like


would be the best solution. This will solve a lot of problems that I#ve  
with your solution of admin/install.

cu, Marco

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