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Debian Documentation Hierarchy

Hello all!

I will upload a few documents now:

1) The Debian Documentation Hierarchy (short: DDH)
2) An annotated version of 1)
3) Examples for 1)
4) DDH Guidelines

How will this structure be included in doc-base? If at all
possible, I would like to package it seperated from doc-base, by standard
registration files, so that I can update it frequently.

Please read 4) and 2) carefully. It is the first time that I set up such an
"official" document like 4). Christian, could you please comment on the
procedure described in 4) ?

Please note that 4) is more important then 2) atm. I know that the hierarchy
is incomplete, but it is a framework that can be easily extended. For
example, placement of X documentation is not defined atm, and some user
manuals section are missing. Suggestions are welcome, please email them
privately, so that I can release a new version fast. See also below.

Thank you,


Things to do:

* Integrate "standards" (like rfc, w3c, etc) in the hierarchy.

* Integrate books and LDP works.

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