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Need idea for upper level section name


Could some people please suggest names for a section that covers the
following subsections (not necessarily in that order, priority or whatever).

(Note: Please *don't* discuss the *exact* content of the sections. I only make
the examples below to make you understand what I mean, this is in no way an
official proposal for the structure of this section. The real proposal will
follow in my next draft. More *general comments* about it are nevertheless
*welcome*. Thank you.)

	HOWTO/	# a copy of the howto's registration for fast access
	FAQ/	# same here. I assume they are actually part of LDP, aren't they?
	LDP@ -> LDP/Books/
	W3C/		# if ever will be packaged

--- This list is in no way meant to be complete. Please mail me if you have ---
          --- further examples what could fit in here. ---


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