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Re: manpages maintainer now accepting some section 1 manpages.

On Sat, Apr 25, 1998 at 11:31:20AM -0400, Bob Hilliard wrote:
>      This sounds like a mistake to me.  Presently the debian
> maintainers are responsible for providing manpages for their packages
> if the upstream source doesn't contain them.  Providing some in the
> manpages package would dilute this responsibility,

It wouldn't. I am in no way proposing that maintainers be no longer
responsible for manpages of their packages. I am proposing that policy be
enhanced to ensure that not only Debian users, but all Linux users get to
profit from manpages we write for our packages; the upstream manpages package
is the most convenient way for the case where an upstream maintainer chooses
not to include a manpage. This is similar to the way we handle bugfixes:
bugs are fixed in Debian packages and when they apply to upstream packages
as well, the fixes are forwarded upstream.

> and would mean the the maintainer, who presumably know his package, would
> not be in a position to verify their accuracy.

Why? A maintainer has access to the manpages in "manpages" as well, and can
be expected to coordinate with the manpages maintainer when changes are
necessary. And in the case that there isn't time to coordinate, dpkg
provides a mechanism by which the maintainer can replace the manpage from
"manpages" by his own.

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