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Re: manpages maintainer now accepting some section 1 manpages.

     This sounds like a mistake to me.  Presently the debian
maintainers are responsible for providing manpages for their packages
if the upstream source doesn't contain them.  Providing some in the
manpages package would dilute this responsibility, and would mean the
the maintainer, who presumably know his package, would not be in a
position to verify their accuracy.  I am sure most maintainers would
welcome having manpages for their packages submitted to them,  and I
think the man-pages maintainer should forward any such submittals to
the maintainer of the package involved.


> Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 12:34:37 +0200
> From: jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl
> [From the announcement of man-pages 1.19]
> >People have often sent Section 1 man pages, and so far I have rejected
> >those - they belong in the distribution of the respective programs. Of
> >course I still feel like that, but probably I'll include some Section 1
> >pages in coming releases, for cases where the official distribution does
> >not provide them.  For example, many people complained about the lack of
> >man pages for diff and cmp, and since GNU does not (want to?) provide
> >these, I'll be happy to include such pages if anybody submits them.
> >
> >Andries - aeb@cwi.nl
> As it's Debian's policy to have manpages for all binaries, we are bound to
> have a number of such section 1 manpages already - maybe someone on
> debian-doc can compile a list?
> Given that section 1 manpages are now accepted for "manpages" if upstream
> maintainers don't want to include them, I'd like to suggest policy be
> ammended to include a statement along the lines of
> : If the upstream maintainers do not wish to integrate a manpage (especially
> : a section 1 one), please forward it to the upstream maintainer of the
> : manpages package (Andries E. Brouwer <aeb@cwi.nl>) who has expressed
> : willingnes to include them in manpages.

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