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manpages maintainer now accepting some section 1 manpages.

[From the announcement of man-pages 1.19]
>People have often sent Section 1 man pages, and so far I have rejected
>those - they belong in the distribution of the respective programs. Of
>course I still feel like that, but probably I'll include some Section 1
>pages in coming releases, for cases where the official distribution does
>not provide them.  For example, many people complained about the lack of
>man pages for diff and cmp, and since GNU does not (want to?) provide
>these, I'll be happy to include such pages if anybody submits them.
>Andries - aeb@cwi.nl

As it's Debian's policy to have manpages for all binaries, we are bound to
have a number of such section 1 manpages already - maybe someone on
debian-doc can compile a list?

Given that section 1 manpages are now accepted for "manpages" if upstream
maintainers don't want to include them, I'd like to suggest policy be
ammended to include a statement along the lines of
: If the upstream maintainers do not wish to integrate a manpage (especially
: a section 1 one), please forward it to the upstream maintainer of the
: manpages package (Andries E. Brouwer <aeb@cwi.nl>) who has expressed
: willingnes to include them in manpages.

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