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Re: Procedure for uploading new material?

On 10 Dec 1997, Ardo van Rangelrooij wrote:

> So, since I already got your version, I could simply put it in my CVS
> repository and put out a new version of the complete manual.  On the
> other hand I already saw some suggestions for improvements, so I think
> it's better if you first gather all comments, work them out, and then
> we'll put it in the official sources.  What do you think? 

What about installing a CVS server on master which stores all our
documents? We could arrange file permissions so that the authors have
write permissions to only their chapters, the editor/maintainer has write
access to the whole manual, and everyone else has read-only permissions.

With that, everyone could check-out the latest version and provide you
with patches, which you can check and integrate later.

(AFAIK, there has already been such a CVS archive on master for the FAQ,
but it got lost in the move of master :)

BTW, updated documents usually have to be packaged up, uploaded to master
to get them into the doc/ directory, installed on fatman, and installed on
www.debian.org. Perhaps we should find a way where all this gets done

> > In writing this chapter I found it necessary to define references to
> > material that others are writing.  What procedures do we have for reconciling
> > such cross-referencing. (<ref id=???>)
> I remember seeing something from Christian about this, but again we
> don't yet have anything official for this (this is where Christian
> comes is again :-). 

Well, I think the proposal who the <ref> tag should work is ready now.
I've already reported it as wish-list bug against debiandoc-sgml. I think
we could need a volunteer that implements it...



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