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Re: Procedure for uploading new material?

Ardo van Rangelrooij wrote:
  >I assume that since the need for such a procedure starts to arise now
  >we have several people working on one document, we'll start discussion
  >this (real) soon (this is where Christian comes in :-).  I've already
  >some ideas for this, so maybe we can start this discussion shortly? 
  >So, since I already got your version, I could simply put it in my CVS
  >repository and put out a new version of the complete manual.  On the
  >other hand I already saw some suggestions for improvements, so I think
  >it's better if you first gather all comments, work them out, and then
  >we'll put it in the official sources.  What do you think? 

I've incorporated the suggested changes.  Should I continue to upload 
through the list?  It is certainly likely that there will be further
changes, after all.
  >As far as the integration is concerned, you could keep your chapter in
  >a separate file and write in another file an empty framework to keep
  >SGML happy.  Using so-called entities you "include" your chapter into
  >the framework.  That's how I'm organizing the manual to keep including
  >source updates easy. 
That's what I did; the particular point I had was that I had to alter
debiandoc.dtd in order to define the entity for inclusion into the
skeleton manual.  That seems quite undesirable.  Have I misunderstood
how to do this in SGML?

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