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Re: Procedure for uploading new material?


"Oliver Elphick" <olly@lfix.co.uk> writes:

> What is the procedure for getting new material into the official
> documentation?
> I am happy for the basic command section to be published, but don't
> know how to achieve that and still be able to incorporate new material into
> it.  Is there some documentation equivalent to dupload?
> I would also like to know how to integrate it neatly into the overall
> manual.  I have made it a separate file, but found that I had to put
> the element declaration for it into debiandoc.dtd.  Is that a limitation of
> SGML?  If so, it would seem to be one that will be very hampering and ought
> to be changed.

Well, there's not yet an official procedure for that, but it comes down
to this: Since I'm the maintainer of the official sources of (amongst
others :-) the user's manual, it's my job to gather all pieces, glue
them together, and put out the latest and greatest version on the DDP
home page.  Note that steps as proofreading by one or more other DDP
(only?) team members, editing, etc., are not covered yet, but I'm sure
these will make it into the official procedure. 

I assume that since the need for such a procedure starts to arise now
we have several people working on one document, we'll start discussion
this (real) soon (this is where Christian comes in :-).  I've already
some ideas for this, so maybe we can start this discussion shortly? 

So, since I already got your version, I could simply put it in my CVS
repository and put out a new version of the complete manual.  On the
other hand I already saw some suggestions for improvements, so I think
it's better if you first gather all comments, work them out, and then
we'll put it in the official sources.  What do you think? 

As far as the integration is concerned, you could keep your chapter in
a separate file and write in another file an empty framework to keep
SGML happy.  Using so-called entities you "include" your chapter into
the framework.  That's how I'm organizing the manual to keep including
source updates easy. 

> In writing this chapter I found it necessary to define references to
> material that others are writing.  What procedures do we have for reconciling
> such cross-referencing. (<ref id=???>)

I remember seeing something from Christian about this, but again we
don't yet have anything official for this (this is where Christian
comes is again :-). 

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