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Re: Procedure for uploading new material?

Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

> On 10 Dec 1997, Ardo van Rangelrooij wrote:
> [snip]
> > So, since I already got your version, I could simply put it in my CVS
> > repository and put out a new version of the complete manual.  On the
> > other hand I already saw some suggestions for improvements, so I think
> > it's better if you first gather all comments, work them out, and then
> > we'll put it in the official sources.  What do you think? 
> What about installing a CVS server on master which stores all our
> documents? We could arrange file permissions so that the authors have
> write permissions to only their chapters, the editor/maintainer has write
> access to the whole manual, and everyone else has read-only permissions.
> With that, everyone could check-out the latest version and provide you
> with patches, which you can check and integrate later.
> (AFAIK, there has already been such a CVS archive on master for the FAQ,
> but it got lost in the move of master :)

Excellent idea!  The only problem I see with this is that it requires
the CVS client to get online everytime the CVS server needs to be
contacted, which might be quite inconvenient.  This can be solved by
using a local CVS repository which is synchronized with the master CVS
repository using a cron job and/or on specific demand.  This requires
some local (CVS) scripts and such for which I already have some ideas.
I'll look into this.  Who'll set up (and maintain) the master CVS

> BTW, updated documents usually have to be packaged up, uploaded to master
> to get them into the doc/ directory, installed on fatman, and installed on
> www.debian.org. Perhaps we should find a way where all this gets done
> automatically.

That would also be great.  Maybe we can (re)use the CVS based scripts
available for packaging software packages.  I'll look into this too.
After all, this only makes my job as a maintainer easier :-). 



Ardo van Rangelrooij
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