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Re: User manual: basic commands chapter

Thalia L. Hooker wrote:
  >Is the basic_cmds.sgml a file that would go on the web site? I would assume
  >so. If this is the case, I am wondering if the use of bold for commands or
  >the use of section headings would improve the readability of the document.
  >If doc writers had a standard format to follow when writing docs, the team
  >would produce uniformly looking docs.

The point of SGML is that you can use it as source for building various
other formats.  The web site would have an HTML version with nice headings
as usual for HTML.  What I posted was the ASCII text version, which is
very limited by comparison, but suitable for mailing.

  >Another suggestion would be to use some type of standard warning (whether a
  >gif w/alternate text say, ALT="WARNING") in commands that you should be
  >careful; I am thinking of recursive deletes, inappropriate shutdown, etc.

That would need an extension to the debiandoc SGML definitions, which is
not under my control.  Does anyone else have any opinions on this?

  >You forgot to change zless & less, to zgrep & grep after copying the
  >description of zgrep from zless'.
Thanks; changed that.

  >> Printing files
  >        Do you need to mention here, that this section assumes that you
  >have successfully setup printing on your system?

I think that things like that would be made clear in earlier chapters.
[Is that correct?]  There is a separate system administrator's manual,
which ought to deal with setting up printers.
  >I wonder if it is a good thing to tell users that they can also use
  >ctrl-alt-del to also shutdown their system? Suppose the user doesn't
  >remember whether they set up their system for C+A+D. It seems that they
  >would do more harm to their system by trying C+A+D if the event they had
  >not set this option.

If Ctrl-Alt-Del is not defined in /etc/inittab, pressing it can do no
possible harm; nothing at all happens.  (It doesn't work in X, even if
it is defined, because the X server intercepts it.)

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