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Re: Control header sent with done email didn't do what I expected, should it have?

According to https://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control#tag the plus is optional.

Once again, my question was, should a valid Control: header on the first line of an email message sent to ###-done@bug.debian.org work, and if so, is the reason why it didn't work in my case because the MIME part it was included in was base64-encoded, and if not, what other reason could explain why it didn't work?

I did find this here after I emailed the list:

QUESTION: Can you do all the control-server actions by using fields in a pseudo header in an email to bugnumber@b.d.o or do you need to use control@b.d.o?

ANSWER: You need to use the explicit control@ mail copy, automatic parsing isn't done. From what I understood it's worked on but it might take a bit to make it reliable and not catch something it shouldn't.

So, if this is correct, then I apparently what I tried to do just doesn't work. :shrug:

On 9/25/23 09:44, Peter B wrote:
On 25/09/2023 14:25, Jonathan Kamens wrote:

So putting a Control: line in the pseudo-header of a message sent to ###-done@bugs.debian.org doesn't work at all?

It should work if the syntax is correct. The + character was missing.

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