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Control header sent with done email didn't do what I expected, should it have?

Hi all,

I recently tried to close a bug, explain why, and set a "wontfix" tag all at once by sending my explanation to ###-done@bugs.debian.org with "Control: tags ### wontfix" as the first line of my message body. The bug was closed but the tags command wasn't processed.

Looking at the raw message file that I sent, I see that my mailer encoded the text/plain MIME body part with base64 because I had pasted into the body a quote from a web site that used non-ASCII quotation marks (d'oh). Is that why BTS failed to process the "Control:" command?

If yes, then is this a known thing that's not going to change that I should just live with ;-), or should I file a bug about it?

If no, then can anyone tell me what else I did wrong to cause the "Control:" command not to be processed?



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