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Re: Switch default from PulseAudio to PipeWire (and WirePlumber) for audio

On Wed, Sep 14, 2022 at 8:07 AM Marvin Renich <mrvn@renich.org> wrote:
> A library transition that affects many rev-deps but is otherwise
> transparent to the end user is completely different from changing the
> audio stack where the end user will be required to learn a new set of
> tools and configuration files/syntax.

I believe you are significantly overstating the consequences of this
switch. It is just a dependency swap in meta-gnome3. The vast majority
of users will not have trouble configuring their audio. PipeWire
implements the PulseAudio API.

There is no basis to the idea that we must make all major changes to
Debian at the beginning of Debian's release cycle.

You're also compressing the timeline. Debian 12 will not be released 4
months from now. We have a transition freeze in January which we
understand to be the deadline for when we ought to have made a final
decision on this topic. We are still able to fix release critical bugs
until the Release and after the release as stable updates.

I think we should make the swap this week so we can see the actual
effects instead of hypothetical concerns.

Thank you,
Jeremy Bicha

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