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endless discussion considered harmful

Thorsten Glaser <tg@debian.org> writes:

> I *really* don’t get why…
> ⓐ these things aren’t done in a derivative that’s *really* close
>   to Debian proper but can do all the funky new stuff, preserving
>   support for the old stuff in Debian itself, and…

This issue has been explored very thoroughly, so if you've not noticed
that happening then I suspect that you decided to mostly ignore it.

The TC ended up deciding this because it's perfectly possible for
reasonable people to agree on the facts, but weigh the importance of the
various implications of those facts and available options differently.

> Frankly, usrmerge is WORSE then what we had before, in all possible
> ways.

By saying that, in that way, you give the impression that you assume
that the honestly held opinions of a lot of your fellow developers are
wrong and/or stupid.

Even if you think that, saying it as part of your argument tends to
force people make a snap decision on which side of the argument more
fools are standing, and then to pick sides, which entrenches opinion,
and so is pretty counter-productive if your intention is to persuade.

Making these 'unagreeable' decisions is the reason we need a TC.

Sadly there are always going to be winners and losers in these cases,
otherwise they wouldn't make it to the TC. Deciding to do nothing is a
decision too.

Do you think the TC didn't take that job seriously enough?

Do you think the TC considered insufficient evidence?

Did you not submit your most persuasive evidence for some reason?

I would hope that you are at least willing to admit that opinions on
this subject can differ even when the facts are generally agreed.

Also, that while you might be upset that your opinion didn't align with
the decision made by the TC, that the people making that decision were
devoting their best efforts to doing what they hope will serve the
project well in the long run.

Cheers, Phil.
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