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merged /usr considered harmful (was Re: Bits from the Technical Committee)

Sean Whitton dixit:

>* #978636 move to merged-usr-only?
>  We were asked to decide whether or not Debian 'bookworm' should
>  continue to support systems which are not using the merged-usr
>  filesystem layout.  We decided that support should not continue beyond
>  Debian 'bullseye'.


>  The decision is captured here:
>  <https://bugs.debian.org/978636#178>

No reason provided either. This stinks. I’m v̲e̲r̲y̲ disappointed.
Debian is becoming untenable. Years ago, I had hoped it won’t.

Yes, I hate users and I want them to suffer.
	-- Marco d'Itri on gmane.linux.debian.devel.general

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