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Re: I'm orphan my packages and leave the project as maintainer

The FSF with out RMS would be like the Linux Foundations with out
Linus. With their personality quirks it is sometimes hard for some
people to like them but at the end of the day they get the job done.
RMS has done alot for FLOSS it would be sad to see his contributions
come to a halt but he can always write software and contribute that
way I guess.

On 3/26/21, Pierre-Elliott Bécue <peb@debian.org> wrote:
> Le vendredi 26 mars 2021 à 16:50:06+0300, Sergey B Kirpichev a écrit :
>> On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 02:08:34PM +0100, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
>> > I'm not trying to refrain you from leaving
>> Well, lets I'll try last time to make things clear as much as I can.
>> 1) Don't get me wrong, this is the end of story, started not today.
>> 2) It's not something like "this hurts me, please do Debian
>>    great again - or I'll leave".  I'm not in the camp of SJW's and won't
>>    share their methods.
> Well, you're doing so with your first mail which is "I'm leaving and
> making a point".
>> 3) It's not an invitation to discuss something with mentioned
>>    GR and so on.  For me, all is clear.
> For me it is not, but I'm glad that it is to you.
>> 4) It's only a technical letter to the technical maillist.  End
>>    of contribution.  Period.  Do what you should do.
> A technical letter would not contain a philosophical dissertation about
> "SJW" and bo-freaking-hoo Debian is bad towards RMS.
>> Please don't CC me.  Keep me off.
> Ack
>> > but there are some things about how the project works that probably
>> > need to be stated in a clearer manner for the sake of understanding.
>> My first Debian contribution was ~2007.  DM since ~2011.  I've read
>> DC, Constitution and so on.  I had a time to learn.
> I'm happy to hear that you think that you've learnt and understood how
> things work here.
>> > A General Resolution is not (yet) a decision of the project
>> I don't care.
> It seems to me that you care enough to leave.
>> 1) Debian project do political statements for all it's members.
>>    Or "highly likely" will do.
>> 2) There was an attempt to do this even without a GR.
>> 3) No guarantees if this will not happen again.  Maybe next time
>>    this will be coordinated on the private (forever?) maillist...
> Well that is the principle of having a community of people with diverse
> opinions. I'm sad to hear that this diversity is the cause of such
> griefs.
>> > As for RMS, whether one likes him or not, it's not hard to see his
>> > public communications and see what things he defended.
>> If someone won't/can't distinguish his personal opinions and ones on
>> behalf of FSF stuff - not mine problem.
> Any organization who keeps at a direction position someone expressing
> controversial or unsane opinions is, in a sense, either ignorant of the
> situation or encouraging it.
>> > I wish you the best of luck in your future work
>> Thank you.  WBR
> Cheers.
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> Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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> It's far easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.

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