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Re: I'm orphan my packages and leave the project as maintainer

On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 02:08:34PM +0100, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
> I'm not trying to refrain you from leaving

Well, lets I'll try last time to make things clear as much as I can.

1) Don't get me wrong, this is the end of story, started not today.
2) It's not something like "this hurts me, please do Debian
   great again - or I'll leave".  I'm not in the camp of SJW's and won't
   share their methods.
3) It's not an invitation to discuss something with mentioned
   GR and so on.  For me, all is clear.
4) It's only a technical letter to the technical maillist.  End
   of contribution.  Period.  Do what you should do.

Please don't CC me.  Keep me off.

> but there are some things about how the project works that probably
> need to be stated in a clearer manner for the sake of understanding.

My first Debian contribution was ~2007.  DM since ~2011.  I've read
DC, Constitution and so on.  I had a time to learn.

> A General Resolution is not (yet) a decision of the project

I don't care.

1) Debian project do political statements for all it's members.
   Or "highly likely" will do.
2) There was an attempt to do this even without a GR.
3) No guarantees if this will not happen again.  Maybe next time
   this will be coordinated on the private (forever?) maillist...

> As for RMS, whether one likes him or not, it's not hard to see his
> public communications and see what things he defended.

If someone won't/can't distinguish his personal opinions and ones on
behalf of FSF stuff - not mine problem.

> I wish you the best of luck in your future work

Thank you.  WBR

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