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Re: usrmerge -- plan B?

Le jeudi, 22 novembre 2018, 14.56:10 h CET Ian Jackson a écrit :
> There is tradeoff here between risk of breakage, and reduction of
> future work (as most clearly explained by Russ).  The argument that is
> being made is that the risk is low because of a lack of reports of
> breakage.
> Others have observed that systems most likely to experience trouble
> will not have been upgraded.  For example, chiark was first installed
> with Debian 0.93R5 in 1993.  Obviously I haven't usrmerged it.  No-one
> sensible in my position would do so.

Of course you do have backups.  For the sake of the argument, would you 
consider trying an install of usrmerge on a restored backup VM somewhere?

Maybe I'm overlooking something, but it seems that installing usrmerge on a 
production system is going to be a _much_ less demanding task proceeding with 
a stable upgrade.


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