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Re: usrmerge -- plan B?

Le jeudi, 22 novembre 2018, 00.17:54 h CET Michael Stone a écrit :
> Then this needs to be a very explicit (and much better advertised)
> decision, and it needs a much, much better implementation.

You keep referring to usrmerge as buggy:
> The current usrmerge package has no test mode, will bail with a partially-
> converted system if it runs into problems, and has no way to revert the
> process.

Sorry to be blunt about this, but have you reported these? Sniping at (any) 
package without making the problems you see visible to others (through bugs) 
is not really helpful.

> Pulling in usrmerge during an upgrade isn't going to cut it--we'd need some
> kind of pre-upgrade check that tells people what they need to fix before we
> break it. Designing this in a hurry less than two months before we start
> freezing seems incredibly ambitious.

usrmerge is in the archive for 3+ years now. What seems to be needed now is 
for a lot of us to actually _try_ it, find and report bugs, and get this 

Don't forget that a specificity of our bug report system is that the only 
measure of "it worked without issues" that we have is popcon; we only get a 
measure of how much things fail, not how good they work:


(Funnily enough, it seems to have had a recent spike…)


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