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Re: I resigned in 2004

]] Vincent Bernat 

>  ❦ 11 novembre 2018 19:20 +0100, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org>:
> > Meanwhile, it makes sense to be courteous to people who were a DD once
> > but really couldn't care less now and want to get rid of the nagging,
> > which seems like a far more likely scenario.
> Then, they should click on the button they are asked to click. This
> takes far less time than a long (and discourteous) rant.

It asks people to click a link if they want to retire, something which
is not the right course of action if they already have retired or
rather, left the project.  The mail also gives the impression that we'll
just delete their account if they don't respond, so maybe it should
mention that we will send out a ping on debian-private?

(I also wonder if we should just require people to opt in to their
DD-ship on a yearly basis instead of doing most of the WAT/MIA dance. If
people can't be bothered to reply to a single email saying «yup, another
year please» with some reasonable amount of pinging and time to reply,
they are effectively MIA, at least if they haven't let people know on
-private or similar.)

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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