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I resigned in 2004

I quit Debian development back in 2004.  This was a moral decision, based
on the malfeasance of the project secretary over the "Editorial changes"

For some reason, Debian as a project failed to notice that I had quit,
even though my willy@debian.org email address was deliberately forwarded
to a non-functional email address (in part because of the complete
catastrophe that was the Debian spam filtering system at the time).

Over the last couple of months, the MIA team has been trying to get me to
participate in some inane bureaucracy.  I have been ignoring their emails.
Today, they took it to a new level by encouraging everybody who knows
me to pester me to answer my emails from them.  This is not acceptable.

Leave me alone.  Your project left me long ago.  Do not contact me with
regard to Debian bullshit.

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